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Vaccine & Gene Therapies Institute, Portland
Center for molecular Biology, Heidelberg
Institute of Virology, Heidelberg
Department of Virology, Mainz
Institute of Technology Basse-Normandy, Caen
High school of Jean-Baptiste de la Salle, Rouen

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European Society for clinical nutrition and metabolism

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cuisine végétarienne
become vegetarian like me !
travel radio network:Allo la planète !

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molecular Biologist, Virologist,
Food Technologist & Nutrition

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racing, coaching,
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Dr. Jérôme is back in NW of France
News: Dr Jerome get a new position as virologist at the Charles Nicole Medical Center of Rouen, France, working on clinical research on patients infected with HIV-1 from group O in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

My lifestyle:
Since January 2006, I completly changed my diet to a healthy plant-based nutrition, removed all animal-derived food and educated myself to rebuild my athletic body and mind... you are what you eat !
The result: I feel good to be in harmony with the Nature ! As bonus I almost never get sick and stay fit all over the years with a positive mind and have the unsatisfacted desire to learn about how works our human body.set. Cooking becomes an additional passion for food and nutrition.

Food Science & Molecular Biology:
Despite I get educated at the University of Caen in Food Science & Biotechnology and worked in Food industry in R&D 4 years in Germany, I changed my life in 1994: I went back to school to obtain a Master degree in Molecular Biology. Understand living systems became a true passion ! Following long years of education I finally terminated with a Ph.D. degree in Biology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Up June 2003 until June 2009 I worked as Postdoctoral fellowship at Oregon Health & Sciences University in the great city of Portland, Oregon by Prof. Dr. Jay A. Nelson. My main research work was on Human Cytomegalovirus pathogenesis and its related acceleration of grafts rejection and development of vascular diseases. Two reviews and one peer-review paper got published during these years.

Cycling racing:
Beside Sciences, I am still very active in cycling racing and become for the third time best overall Oregonian Master 35-39 from 2006 to 2008. Based on my scientific knowledge in cell biology, nutrition efficiency and methodical training program I increase my competitive performances. Unfortunately I leaved Oregon in June 2009, which reduced my cycling results for 2009. After the long winter I will start my cycling season 2010 with the cycling club of Barentin,Barentin CS a local French cycling team with over 80 active racers. At first I signed up for license category 2 (from 5) by the second French sport federation, UFOLEP, because of high frequency of occurance & dynamism of local racing events. After couple races I get integrated to my Normand team of BSC Barentin and feel welcome. However I still have my heart with BBC in Portland.

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My cycling teams:

Germany: Mars Rot Weiss Frankfurt 1902 e.V.
Oregon: Beaverton Bicycle Club (BBC)
France: Barentin Cyclosport

Cycling Associations:

German Bicycle Racing Association BDR
Oregon Bicycle Racing Association OBRA
French Association for Promotion of Physical Activity UFOLEP

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Tour de France 2010

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welcome to Portland, Oregon (USA)
welcome in Rouen, Haute-Normandy (France)
welcome in Heidelberg (Germany)
French camp in Yukon (Canada)

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French Association for Vegetarism
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